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Mac Griego & Associates, LLC dba,
Financial Security Planning
has been owned and operated in New Mexico since 1972.  Mac Griego is also a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA).  Mac is licensed in all lines of insurance.  Financial Security Planning is a member of the BBB in New Mexico.

Legitimate Insurance Companies...

  • won't preasure you to act immediately
  • are always glad to send  information
  • don't "guarantee" profits will tell you about the possible risk involved in a particular investment
  • will take "no" for an answer


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What is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)?

A Certified Senior Advisor is a professional who has received a comprehensive education in the health, financial, and social issues facing senior.  CSA candidates must pass a challenging national exam to prove their knowledge of the issues affecting seniors.  While most CSA's already have expertise in a professional discipline, it is only after they pass the exam and agree to live up to high ethical and professional standards that they may use the designation Certified Senior Advisor.



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Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rates

A Better Investment than Mutual Funds, CD's, or  Money Market Funds

"Are You Frustrated and Disgusted with 2% CD's?

The Choice That Always Fits!  Are you concerned about how to invest properly for your retirement?  Have you considered all of your options, or failed to find ones you feel safe and secure in today's unstable economy?  ANNUITIES may be the answer.




International Medical Insurance

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Going on a Business Trip or Just on Vacation ?

 Travel with no worries when you have  International Medical Insurance.